Group Tours

Guided tours of the grounds and gallery exhibits at Drake Well Museum provided to groups of 10 or more visitors; including but not limited to adults participating in bus tours, senior, social, and church groups.

-A group tour is a two hour detailed tour of the interior and exterior exhibits. A knowledgeable guide will lead you through the site. In addition to the guided tour you will view an orientation film that describes the grounds and went happened in the oil days. 

-Guests can also tour the grounds themselves. You will be given an informational packet that explains the grounds and you may walk freely.


The pricing of group tours is: 

$8 per adult for a self guided tour

There is an additional $2 charge per person for a guided tour.

When you contact us, please provide:
-The date(s) you want to visit
-The number of people in your group
-Group leader contact information
-Any other special considerations your group needs.

Living The  Lease  Life  Tour